Is it time to update your will?

You can include a bequest to The Memorial Foundation in your will, living trust, a codicil to your will, or an amendment to your living trust.  Be sure to consult with your professional legal advisor to discuss what works best for your situation.

Example of language:

I give, devise and bequeath (identify here the specific sum of money, the specific asset or the portion of the residual estate) to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital Charitable Foundation (The Memorial Foundation), specifically to support [describe the primary purpose or program that your gift will be supporting, but use general language so that the restriction is not so limited as to prevent the charity from applying the money in the most efficient way.]

If the Board of Trustees of The Memorial Foundation determines that all or part of the gift is no longer needed, or for any reason cannot be used for the stated purpose, then they can determine an alternate designation, giving consideration to the original purposes described above.

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