West Valley HealthyNow Clinic Opens!

Memorial Physicians is pleased to talk about the opening of a third Healthy Now clinic, located at 120 S. 72nd Ave,Suite 102, Yakima, WA, 98908 in Yakima. Healthy Now is a convenient care clinic for those times when your doctor is not available and you need care fast, but the emergency room is not the best option. Learn more >>

What is a convenient care clinic?

Convenient care clinics are usually open for extended hours, often before and after your doctor’s regular business hours and on weekends. They help reduce employee absenteeism since they offer flexible hours and no appointment is needed. If you have a non-urgent medical condition, a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant might be able to quickly provide the care you need, including prescriptions.


Memorial Physicians now has three Healthy Now convenient care clinics?

That’s right. Memorial Physicians opened the first Healthy Now clinic in December at 3909 Creekside Loop in Yakima, and it’s definitely meeting a need in the community and our second in Terrace Heights at 3904 Terrace Heights Drive opened in June. We’ve averaged 29 patients per day since it opened.

We also expect the third clinic in West Valley at 120 S. 72nd Ave to serve a very real need for health care services in that neighborhood in Yakima, and we’re excited to offer that care.

Will all three clinics offer the same services?

Yes. We will treat a variety of illnesses and injuries that might not be serious enough for a trip to the emergency room.

• Colds                                                 • Ear Aches                                         • Sore Throats

• Minor Burns                                   • Sprains and Strains                      • Flu

• Routine physicals for camp, school or employment

What can I expect?

At Healthy Now you and your family will be seen quickly and professionally by a nurse practitioner or physician assistant. These trusted health care professionals are licensed and credentialed to practice medicine, and they are on site to follow through on your care, from symptom to prescription.

Because these are walk-in clinics, we are unable to predict exact wait times, but the average office visit for minor illnesses is 20 minutes. Keep in mind, we are likely to be busiest before and after the average work/school day (8–10 a.m. and 5–7:30 p.m.). Like other health care settings, you may also experience longer wait times in the fall and winter months.

Healthy Now accepts most insurance plans and Medicare. We also accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards.

What is your location and hours?

Hours are Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Walk-ins are welcome.  Appointments are available online at healthynowclinic.com.

Or call 972-1259 for the West Valley location, 574-6095 for the Creekside location,or 574-6090 for the Terrace Heights location.

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