Yakima Children’s Wellness Programs

Kate Sansom was the guest on KIT. She was talking about our children’s wellness programs.

Children’s wellness programs at Memorial

 It’s a new year and a great time to renew commitments to health and wellness.  At Memorial, we are committed to creating a healthy Yakima for all – including our children.

Why are children’s wellness programs a priority for Memorial?

  • The obesity epidemic is well documented and we know that the implications of this are not good.  A study by an epidemiologist at the University of Michigan found:
    • Overweight kids are less likely to pursue education beyond a high school diploma
    • They are more likely to be teased or suffer discrimination, they feel inferior.
    • This is in addition to the health complications they face:  type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease.
    • Other communities in the state are looking at what they can do to stop the progression of this epidemic.
    • As a healthcare leader in this community, Memorial has made it a priority to address this issue by creating and offering wellness programs.
    • We certainly aren’t doing this alone and are really proud of the collaborations that have been formed.

What are the programs Memorial offers?

  • ACT! Actively Changing Together
    • This is a new program we’ll be launching later this month in partnership with the Yakima YMCA and Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences.
    • This program was developed by Seattle Children’s Hospital.
    • Generous support provided by Sage Fruit and the Safeway Foundation
    • It’s designed to bring children, ages 8 to 14, and their parents together to receive nutrition and physical fitness education with a goal of making sustainable lifestyle changes.
    • It’s a 12 week program.  We’ll be following up with participants to see how it impacted their lives.
    • Kickin’ it with Kohl’s & Memorial
      • This program launched in the fall in partnership with the Yakima Youth Soccer Association and Kohl’s Department Store.
      • The goal of the program is to provide health education that focuses on injury prevention, nutrition, healthy eating habits, exercise, physical fitness and positive developmental psychology.
      • During the fall and spring seasons, Kohl’s associates help our health educators distribute materials and healthy snacks at the games.
      • We also offer a special session for coaches that cover injury prevention.
      • All of this is offered free of charge thanks to a grant from Kohl’s Cares
      • Safe Sitter
        • This is a two day training course we offer in the summer for boys and girls, ages 11-13.
        • We teach safe and nurturing childcare techniques, behavior management skills and how to handle emergencies. We also cover infant and child CPR.
        • We offer several sessions and it’s a popular course.  We’re happy to announce that we’ll be offering it again this summer.  We’ll announce dates in the spring.
        • Ongoing Health Education outreach
          • Community health events throughout the year
          • Our educators demonstrate to kids what’s in the food they like so much such as sugar and fat content.


For more information contact Kate Sansom at 509-225-3179 or KateSansom@yvmh.org


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