Yakima Hospice Transitions Program

“I don’t know what I don’t know” is a common thought when someone is first diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Currently, the Transitions program offers practical help to those struggling with a life limiting illness. When clients and caregivers feel isolated and overwhelmed the trained volunteers give the caregiver a much needed reprieve and companionship for program clients.

The Transitions program is bursting at the seams assisting 70 clients at a time. Demand for these vital services has led to the expansion of the program to include a nurse practitioner and a full-time licensed clinical social worker, enabling us to serve 200 clients at a time. The nurse practitioner will add a new medical component of support by addressing relief of symptoms and reduction of pain. This requires philanthropic support in the beginning with a priority of self-sustainment. Our goal in expanding the Transitions program is to improve services and thus the end of life experience for our patients struggling with a terminal diagnosis.  This coming year will require $50,000.  In years past, we have been able to secure funds sufficient to create and develop the program.  New plans include a grant we have our fingers crossed for that will allow for partial reimbursement.  In the meantime, we hope donors will continue to help.  Your continued support of the End of Life Initiative will help sustain the Transitions program.

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