Yakima Hospital swaps 190 beds in three days

Hospital swaps 190 beds in three days


If you’ve visited Memorial Hospital this week, you may have noticed a couple of the elevators unavailable for guests and visitors.  That’s because Memorial crews have been buzzing with activity — swapping patient beds on floors 2, 3 and 5.   A total of 190 beds are being replaced in just three days with minimal disruption to patients.

Why new beds and why now? The new beds have mattresses that better distribute a patient’s weight.  This lessens the risk of a patient developing pressure ulcers.  The railings are designed to allow for a safer patient transfer out of the bed.  And the beds are equipped with a scale allowing patients to be weighed while in bed, no longer necessitating them to be moved in the morning.   This feature improves efficiency for the nursing staff, freeing this time to focus on other aspects of a patient’s care.

The new beds should last 20 years.   The old beds, some over 20 years old, are being recycled and the mattresses are being donated to the Union Gospel Mission in Yakima.

The hospital made an investment of $1.3 million to change out the aging beds—part of Memorial’s commitment to reinvest back into infrastructure that benefit patients. This massive undertaking involved several departments of the hospital – materials management, facilities, environmental services, nursing, transport and security.

The response we’re hearing from patients – they love the new beds and they are much more comfortable than the old ones.

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