Yaly’s unforgettable hospice experience

yaly1 yaly2 yaly3By Branden Johnson

Yaly Aguilera’s hospice experience began in YouthWorks.  YouthWorks is a program that allows students to experience Memorial’s four initiatives – Children’s care, Cancer care, Healthy Yakima, and End-of-Life care.  Throughout the year she gravitated towards End-of-Life care and asked how she could get more involved.  I told her about a hospice program called High Schools for Hospice where students can visit patients to create legacy videos and memory books.  Yaly decided she wanted to explore hospice and help one of our hospice patients complete a memory book.
Yaly met one of our hospice patients about two months ago and developed a meaningful relationship that she will never forget.  On June 5, Yaly presented the memory book to the hospice patient.  The hospice patient was overjoyed and overcome with tears.  As Yaly flipped through the pages of the memory book another story came up about the patient’s life and the wonderful memories that accompanied the newspaper clippings and photographs.  Over the last two months, Yaly learned about the patient’s life and their time spent in the United Arab Emirates as a nurse and missionary.

Yaly plans on attending the University of Washington to pursue a degree in business administration.  She graduates from West Valley High School on 6/6/14.

For more information about YouthWorks, please contact Branden Johnson at 575-8053 or brandenjohnson@yvmh.org.


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