New Year’s resolutions for kids of all ages

kid on bikeAdults aren’t the only ones who can make resolutions for the new year. Kids can set goals for themselves too.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests the following New Year’s resolutions for kids from toddlers to teenagers:


  • I will clean up and put away my toys.
  • I will brush my teeth twice a day.
  • I will wash my hands before I eat and after I go to the bathroom.

Ages 5 to 12

  • I will find a sport or activity that I enjoy—like baseball, soccer, jumping rope or riding a bike—and do it at least three times a week.
  • I’ll ride in the backseat of a car, and I’ll use a booster seat until I’m tall enough to use a lap-and-shoulder belt alone.
  • I’ll be nice to other children, especially those who need friends—like a child who is shy or someone who’s new to my school.
  • I’ll never give out personal information—like my name, home address or phone number—on the Internet without my parents’ permission.

Ages 13 and older

  • I will choose nonviolent TV and video games, and I won’t spend more than two hours a day watching and/or playing.
  • I will try to eat two servings of fruit and two servings of vegetables every day.
  • I will drink sodas only on special occasions.
  • If I am faced with a difficult decision, I will talk to an adult I can trust for help and advice.
  • I will never use a cellphone or text while driving, but I will always wear a seat belt.
  • I will not give in to pressure from others to try smoking or using tobacco in any form or try drugs or alcohol.
  • I’ll look for ways I can help out in my community—like volunteering at an animal shelter, taking part in beach clean-up days or joining a group that helps people in need.

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