Being a young mom doesn’t mean I won’t succeed

Hi my name is Maithe I’m a senior at Davis High School. We’ll let me tell you my story about my life. I was a sophomore I was 16 years old when I got pregnant for the first time.

So one day me and my boyfriend went to the clinic for my pregnancy test and after 30 minutes of waiting they told me I was pregnant; I was about 1 month. I was shocked by what the nurse was telling me almost cried but my boyfriend was very happy. Then I went home, I was very scared to tell my parents that I was pregnant; I come from a family that expected a lot from you. So we both told my parents that I was expecting a baby at first were mad at me and they didn’t tell my anything.

So after 3 days we sat down and we talked as a family and they told me about what I was planning to do with the baby so we told them that the dad was going to be responsible for the baby we were going to have. So the months went by and I had my first baby girl she was born in February of 2010. She brought happiness to my life she is my everything. So now my parents love her lot.

So when I started school after 4 weeks of being off it was very hard to concentrate in class. I was very tired because she will sleep during the day and be awake at night it was like this for 1 month or so. When she started sleeping through the night it was much easier for me I was able to manage school and being a parent both at the same time. I was also a wife because I got married after 4 months of our first baby being born. After two years I had my second baby she was born on January 2012.

My second baby was born with a special need. She was born Down syndrome. When I found out she had special needs I could not believe it was true. But I understand why gods send me this special gift she is a beautiful baby. God send her to my life for a reason. Being a teen parent is not easy but every moment of it I enjoy it.

I had many challenges in my life I had a lot of people come to me and tell me I was too young to have a baby. I would tell them it’s not their business if I was too young to have a baby or not. So many things change during those times. Some things that change was my relationship with my husband some for the better and some for the worst but after my second baby was born that really united us we had more communication.

I felt I had more support from his side. I also face the challenge to not be able to go out with my friends and have fun because I was a mom already but I knew I would rather be at home with my babies and spent time with them. I knew at the end all will be worth. So don’t let people tell you won’t go anywhere in life if you have a baby while attending school.

This is not true the people that think I was not going to graduate after having 2 baby’s I prove them wrong.

So now I’m here writing my last essay my senior year because in a couple of days I will graduate from high school. And I know that my daughters will be very proud of their mother when they grow up.

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  1. I just wanted to respond to post from “Maithe.” She is a very strong & courageous young woman. Her story is very much needed to be shared with the community and the world. The point is, no matter what kind of curve ball life decides to through your way ~ do your best to catch it and make it count! I appreciate her openess and willing to share her story. Thank you Maithe and good luck to you and your family. The most important thing in this world is to love your babies and be the best role model for them. They watch every step you take and every fall you make. But more important than that, they watch you get up, brush your pants off and move on with a smile.

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