Somebody here has been through what you’re going through. You’re going to be OK.

“Somebody here has been through what you’re going through. And somebody here is surviving what you’re going to go through. I think that to me is the most important part.

I watched a mom try to use therapy and it was time to leave and the he did not want to leave. She had to help her son off the floor about 5 or 6 times. And I gave her a smile and a “You’re doing OK” and it just reminded me of the time when that was me and I was picking my son up off the floor and the funny thing is that some days I’d get through it the way that therapy told me I was supposed to. Some days it was like “Oh that’s it I’m done”, I’d pick him up and that’s it, I’ve failed as a mom. But the Village taught me it’s OK to fail. It’s going to be OK. Just try again the next day. And each and every step of the way like I can look at that mom and say “You’re going to be OK, it gets better”

You’re going to be ok.

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